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As a director of a land surveying company, you already have your hands full with all of the work that comes with running a business. Finding time to enter data into an outdated or non-existent CRM system can be frustrating and time-consuming. A CRM is a software system that allows you to store important information about clients, leads and prospects. This information can then be accessed when needed throughout the course of your relationship with them.

A CRM is essential for any growing business.

A CRM is essential for any growing business. It helps you keep track of clients, leads, and other information so you can stay organized and increase productivity. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • A CRM helps you manage your client list by creating profiles for each one, allowing you to store important information such as contact info, project details, etc. This will make it easier for your team members to collaborate on projects and research potential leads/clients.
  • With a CRM like HubSpot Sales or FreshSales, it’s easy to set up automated emails based on certain triggers or events that happen in the system. For example: if someone fills out their contact form but doesn’t hear back from us within 48 hours, then automatically send them an email asking if there was anything else we could do to help them out with their project or if they would be interested in another service we offer at our company (see below). This helps us stay top-of-mind when they need us again!
  • It helps you build a relationship with your customers and grow your network, especially when reaching out to new clients.

Less time spent on data entry

Data entry is a tedious, monotonous task that can be difficult to get right. A CRM ensures the accuracy of your data and eliminates the need for manual input by using templates and auto-fill functions. Your time on data entry will be greatly reduced, allowing you to spend more time on productive work.

In addition to saving time with data entry, CRMs reduce the number of administrative tasks your team needs to complete. This can help save you money because it means less staff time spent completing these tasks and more opportunities for paying clients in the future.

As well as cutting down on admin work, a CRM can help save time during meetings by ensuring everyone has access to relevant information at any given point in their calendar.

Ability to track phone calls, emails and meetings with clients and potential clients

CRM systems make tracking phone calls, emails and meetings with clients and potential clients easy. This data lets you see who your most important customers are, what sales leads are being generated, which customer support issues you’re dealing with, and how satisfied your customers are.

You can also use CRM software to track the effectiveness of your marketing activities, such as email campaigns or social media posts. This information is valuable when planning future marketing campaigns because it provides insight into what kind of content resonates best with your target audience.

Finally, CRMs can provide you with insights into business development efforts such as networking events held by other companies in the industry or attendance at conventions related to land surveying services. Once again, this data will help inform future business development strategies for building engagement within the community around land surveying services.

CRM is an essential tool for any growing business. The ability to track phone calls, emails and meetings with clients and potential clients will save you time in future. With a CRM, you can make sure that you do not miss out on any important information from client enquiry or from existing relationships.