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How can we deliver drawings faster?

You might be wondering how we are able to deliver drawings faster than our competitors without affecting quality.

This short post will explain how our process saves time and improve quality.

How we do it?

To achieve a good speedy delivery of your Measured Building Surveys or Topographical surveys you need:

  1. The right people – We employ and train up land surveyors so that you get the surveys done accurately, once without additional revisits.
  2. The right equipment – we use 3D laser scanners – this means that we capture more information in less time. 4+ Million measurements in 3 minutes compared to 3-5 measurement using conventional methods. More data = more details = happy architect.
  3. The right software – with our custom software that we built internally we save hours in producing your drawings. In 2016 we spent an average of 6 hours on a typical drawing and in 2017 we reduce it to 4 hours using the right technique and software.
  4. The right process – at Icelabz we broke down our tasks and distributed it to the best employees who are good at a specific part of the process. This means that the staff who is really good at surveying will survey your property, the surveyor who can draw 2x faster will be assigned to draw up your plans.
  5. Standard – we follow one method of drawing so that anyone who works on your drawing without delays or disruption.

Good enough?

If that satisfy your question on how we do our drawings faster, then request a quote from us here.