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Evergreen Data Project

What is Evergreen Data

Evergreen Data is a unique processed coined by Icelabz that allows us to troubleshoot surveys months and years after we visited your property.

The aim is to help you get information fast without re-visits.

In the last 12 months, we’ve had over 30% of the Architects and Clients asking for more plans, data and additional details 6-9 months after we’ve delivered the project.

Why does it happen?

This happens because the building regulation officer will query and ask for more details to be shown beyond the standard requirement. This can mean additional sections, elevations and levels.

How does it work?

As we scan your project with a Laser Scanner, we capture over 35 billion points for every project. This can be a few GB, and to date, we have over 20TB of data stored securely on servers that are as reliable as your bank’s database.

We can easily access these archive to gather the information you need within 1-2 days without revisiting your property. The only limitation is that it won’t have data of areas we haven’t captured. But as you can see in the image above that it captures a lot of details.

How can it benefit you?

Most of the time you will have to pay an additional £250-300 for the surveyor to revisit the property and to draw up the additional details. This can total up to £500 + vat.

With the Evergreen Data project, we can cut the cost down drastically.

If you need additional checks, levels these are done for free. If you need additional plans such as sections and elevation they can range from an additional £100-180 + vat which is x5 less than the conventional method.

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