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Developments affecting neighbouring properties

Note on Developments affecting neighbouring properties

Where you feel that your development will affect your neighbouring property it would be best to seek professional advice to avoid these situations at an early stage. Architect who usually is a lead consultant in a development project, might be a good start as well but they might not be experts in this field.

By undertaking a correct and accurate measured building survey, with high details, and with adequate photographs or 3-D views, can help with your right to light reports and planning application. In certain scenarios 3-D models may be required to be produced so that the right to light surveyors can calculate and demonstrate any restrictions on the proposed building.

3D Models might be required

These 3D models can be produced from AutoCAD, Sketchup, Vectorworks, Revit or other 3D modelling software, by the right to light surveyors,  CAD technician,  architect, or the land surveyors themselves.

It would be best to leave it to the professionals with experience to produce these 3D Models and not try to produce then using the freely available sketchup.

Ask a Right of Light Surveyor

If you are unsure whether you need a right to light survey to be undertaken, you can speak to your architect. However, not all architects are geared up to undertake right to light surveys or offer advice. You may need to engage a local planner or rights of light surveyor to advise you on your new project whether a right to light survey is required.

At the moment it may feel that there are a lot of consultants/professionals involved at the early stages of your development. The lead consultant will liaise with all the relevant parties involved to ensure the right information is acquired.

For example a land surveyor, can undertake the survey for both the existing plans  for your architect and planning application as well as producing a free model separately for the right to light surveys and your architect to draft the proposed building.
The measured survey drawings should be clear and comprehensive enough to allow for all the consultants to use the same information throughout the duration of project.