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What Type of Plans Do you Need for Your Measured Building Survey?

Following from our guide on Measured Building Survey, we’ll now cover the type of plans you’ll need for the different project type.

Now that you have a better understanding of what plans of producing a measured building survey, you now want to know what plans you’ll need for your project.

Below I will go through some scenarios and different project type with some examples of what are usually required to give you an idea of what to ask for. But at the end of the day the requirements will come from your architect as they will dictate what do you actually need for them to produce to construction drawings. however, you shouldn’t be worried as they are options out there that allows you to undertake commercial building survey before appointing an architect (that can potentially save you money).

Single-storey Extensions

For single-storey extensions, you may only need the ground floor plan, topographical survey, the elevations and a section of the property.
you may need more innovation depending on the property type. For example if you’re on a semi-detach you may require two elevations rather than just one on a terraced property.

Two-storey extensions

For two-storey extensions, you may need to all more or plans, the topographical survey, the elevations and sections of the property.

Remodelling works

For remodelling works, you will need full measured building survey; this includes all the floorplans, elevations, and sections. You may need more than one section for this type of project.

Loft Extensions

For loft extensions, you will need the loft, floor plans, roof plan, sections, and elevations of the property.

Commercial – change of purpose

For office change of purpose, you will need a full measured building survey; this includes all floor plans, elevations, roof plans, loft, topographical survey and sections of the property. as offices are usually if all single unit, you may need to ask surveyors to survey neighbouring property which can be between 50 to 100 m away from the property. this is highly detailed, and he can take up to 2 to 3 days to finish to survey.

Commercial – fit out and refurbishment

For commercial fit out refurbishment project, you will need the floor plan, elevation, and may be a section.

please note the above is just a guide of what you may need. Your architect or planning agent can give you better understanding of what you will require for your planning application and to build the proposed drawings.

But by understanding what you require and a number of plans you need, you will be able to project the project accurately and with confidence.