List of Surveying Companies in London

As we are a member of The Survey Association (TSA) our peers have fully vetted us in the industry on the quality and standard of the TSA, RICS, and ICES.

The TSA checks for:

  • Quality of the measured surveys; does it include the right details, control points, traverse and information needed for the architect.
  • Specification and scope; they check if the scope is clear and adhered to
  • Terms and conditions; the terms are fair for both customer and surveyors
  • Insurance; this is a very important one as a lot of ‘non-qualified’ TSA members may not have the correct level of insurance to cover their works. Especially for setting-out and boundary surveys.

The list of surveying companies below are other members of the Surveying Companies that the TSA has vetted.

They can provide a range of services such as:

As well as the list below, please consider requesting a quote from us, Icelabz Solutions, and our fellow members:

London Surveying Companies:

TSA memberPhoneWebsite
Icelabz Solutions Ltd0203 744
Datum Survey Services Ltd07977
Ridgeway Surveys Ltd020 8204
Scope Surveys Ltd0208 771
SUMO Services (South East) Ltd0208 449
Aworth Land Surveys Ltd01825
Cloud 10 Ltd07884
Daydon Griffiths & Surry0207 498
Callidus Surveys020 8543
3Deling Laser Scanning Services
Samsett Surveys & Engineering Ltd020 8508
THS Concepts
Apex Engineering Services Ltd020 7018
List of Surveying Companies in London

If there are any missing details, please contact me here to adjust the list

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