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Measured Building Survey Booking Process

Process of Engaging a Land Surveyor to undertake a Measured Building Survey

Step 1 – Get a Quote

Getting a quote is easy and painfree. There is no obligation or hardsale, we are professionals after all.

We need the basic information from you:

  • Property Address
  • Purpose of the drawings (For.. Loft Extension, Home remodelling, ¬†Land development, change of use, etc…)
  • Type of plans you need (e.g. floor plans, etc…) Don’t worry if you don’t know we can help you identify what you need

Thats all!

Step 2 – Book us in

We’ll arrange a suitable time for you and one of our surveyors to attend your property. We can do weekends and evenings depending on the type of survey.

Step 3 – We survey

We then survey your property using the best method for the type of survey to give you the accuracy and details you need for your planning application or your architect. All of our survey uses a 3D scanners so that we spend less time at your home but still give you more details, and accuracy than our competitors.

Step 4 – We Draw, and submit

We draw up your existing property on AutoCAD accurately with all the features, levels, and angles following the RICS standard.

We then submit the drawings to you in PDF as well as the source files