How we can help Architects with Measured Surveys

Most of the time architects refer their client to engage us directly and they would just supervise our work.

Some architects have the time and prefer undertaking some parts of the measured surveys themselves. These architects can produce floor plans, sections, and elevations. However, they are limited and are unable to produce topographical surveys or plans for listed buildings.

They cannot undertake them because they are limited in the surveying method they are using to measure the property.

An architect would mostly be armed with a disto meter, tape measure and a notepad (or even a laptop) to survey the property. Even though it can be cost effective for your project or the architect’s fees it is sometimes best to outsource this particular activity to professionals.

Types of Measured Surveys we provide Architects

Other services we provide

Some architects are able to work with complex data such as 3D point cloud.

Here is an example of a 3D point cloud which is part of our laser scanning service.

We help architects better visualise the project from their desk

As all of our Measured Surveys are undertaken using a 3D scanner we can provide you with the raw source files to allow you to navigate the property without architects leaving their desk. This allows for your drafters to understand the project remotely without spending time visiting the project.

Take a look at what you can do here:



We help Architects before and after the survey

As part of our customer satisfaction policy, we help architects before and after the measured survey. This means that the architect on your project can query us months after we have surveyed.

This is because of the method we survey your property. We use a 3D scanner to survey your property, and that helps us to have more data to play with to draw up more detail accurately.

Most of the time architects will come back to us asking for additional sections or plans. And unlike our competitors, we can offer these without additional site visit charge (as long as we have captured them in our Laser scan).
You can contact us at or call us on 0203 744 3020 if you want to discuss this.

How do Architects engage us

Only <10% of architects engage us directly, 90% of the time the client (homeowner or property owner) would engage us directly and pay for the fees.

It is beneficial and recommended that the client engages us directly. This is because it allows the client to have the rights and the Intellectual property use of the existing plans that we produce as part of the Measured Building Survey, or Topographical Survey.

Output from the survey

This is a list of the output from a regular Measured Survey:

  1. PDF
  2. AutoCAD DWG files with an A3 or A1 layout to match the survey scale.
  3. Photograph (on request)
  4. 3D pointcloud (on request) – This is in the format of rcp/rcs, e57, pts and other similar formats.

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