At Icelabz, you will notice that all of our focus is on speed and convenience.

Since working on both the website, server, content and the operation of Icelabz we’ve focused on speed, automation and taking the business to the 21st Industry.

This has been challenging as we needed to develop tools and processes that were brand new to the industry.

We’ve learnt from other industry; namely tech, finance and manufacturing to devise internal processes to deliver speed and quality to our clients.

What we learnt

We’ve listened and delivered…

Our customers wanted:

  1. Faster turn around
  2. More information
  3. High Accuracy

We took these on board and worked on it for a whole year to devise;

  1. new procedures
  2. surveying methods
  3. drawing methods
  4. Data retention methods

to help deliver surveys to both home owners and architect.

The outcome from the research

This has been a challenge to try to cater an old industry and service to the next generation.

We had to implement:

  1. Better online content
  2. Faster website
  3. Faster servers to process survey data
  4. Faster methods
  5. employing innovative and untested equipment, software and resources.

Everything we implement in the business is focused on saving minutes, hours and days. We probably spent over £50k in the last year to test out new methods of working, surveying and drawing.

It has been a learning curve, we’ve lost a lot of money on some projects to test out new methods to then refine it.

For example; we used to survey a three storey building in roughly two days, now we’ve reduced it to 8 hours with a lot more information that we use to.

We have also reduced the number of staff on a project from 2-3 to 1-2.

With new technology like 3D scanning, we can now produce additional elevations, sections months after we surveyed the property. The quality is excellent and adequate for pre-design services such as measured building surveys, and topographical surveys.

And for convenience; we’ve implemented a small online page for your project once you have created. Here is an example of the web page here:



You can try it out here https://icelabz.co.uk/project/new – all you have to do is create an enquiry, and it will generate a unique project page for you to upload files and manage your specification.

That is why when you navigate any of our websites or get any correspondences from us we aim at providing you with our service with speed and convenience. These are dedicated to our needs and our customers. They have 99.9% uptime, and in the event of failures, we can recover our status online within 5-10min using some new data centre technology.

Aside from our online presence of our website, we process all of our works securely on really powerful servers. More specifically servers designed to process digital rendering like the avatar or toystory movie. (well this is what Dell and our other supplier informed us)

Nothing is saved on our staff’s computer; everything is in the cloud. This means any of our surveyors, managers and project organisers do not need high-end computer laptops to produce extensive resource tasks. Our new servers currently hold over 9TB of data and growing monthly. We still have over 3TB of files to upload from our archives. The server has 48 cores and 64GB of Ram.

(updated: we’ve just gone over 16TB – 02/07/2017)

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Bhavesh Ramburn

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