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Structural Engineers

How we help Structural engineers

At Icelabz we have indirectly and directly helped consultants and structural engineers on our client’s project.

Most of the time the structural engineers would be using our measured surveys to help them finish off their reports and calculations. This saves them time and avoids redrawing the existing plans of the property.

Where we provide setting-out services we would liaise with the structural engineers’ drawings and collerate it with the construction plans to set out construction specific elements. These can include:

  • Foundations
  • Gantry
  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Bolts

Structural elements

Due to the nature of their services we find ourselves having to overlay their design over the architect’s construction drawings.

List of services we provide structural engineers

List of services we’ve worked with structural engineers

  • Setting-out
  • as-built services

Additional information

During the design phase of the construction project the structural engineer may need additional information of the floor plans and queries.

Like any of our services we provide additional support after the survey.

Quote often the structural engineers would ask us to confirm levels or clarify elements on the drawing. This is to ensure that their report is consistent on their submission.

And during the construction phase, we have to liaise with them on any discrepancies or clarification of their design. This is because their drawings are not always overlayed on an architect’s drawing. This makes it difficult for the construction team and the land surveyors to do their job on time.

How we work together


We are not usually engaged directly with the structural engineers as they would be employed by the Architect or client directly. It is quite rare that they’d engage us. The opportunities that they have engaged us we have provided them as-built surveys or measured surveys of the current state of the property.

The surveys are usually done as a double-check of another surveyor’s work or client’s information. This reduces their risk of design and any manufacturing need they have been engaged on.

Our Land Surveyors are mostly supported by them or we are supporting them during the design phase.


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