Why we accept all Major Credit Cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay

At Icelabz we like talking to our customers and one of the pain points that we see our customers face every day is financing their project and paying for them.

Especially at the early stage of your projects; where you are still trying to get your architect to complete their proposed drawings for planning applications and get tenders in from contractors.

So we’ve made it easier for you to pay on credit.

How we’ve done it

Stripe Payment


We have teamed up with Stripe so that we can provide you with the best rates without charging you transaction fees. (We don’t pass on the charges to you)

Stripe allows our customers to use their credit card which includes American Express and other major credit cards that offer cash back incentives.

This is great for our customers as this can potentially save them cost and manage their cash flow at early stages of their project.

List of ways you can pay

In addition to paying with your credit card you can also pay using:

  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • Direct Debit

This helps you transact with us faster, get things done on the go without logging into your bank account and setting up a new recipient – which can take 10-15min