How construction companies can use CRM to increase profit!

How construction companies can use CRM to increase profit!

A companies greatest asset is it’s reputation, and a reputation can only be built up by years of good service and hundreds of satisfied customers.

Traditionally all professionals in the construction and building sector have been too been busy working to concentrate, as much as they should, on keeping in contact with their clients and customers. Architects and property developers build a great relationship with their clients and then just wave them goodbye. And many a surveying company, or group of contractors, have little more than a basic spreadsheet of contact details, and a drawer full of business cards.

So you know you have given the good service, but how can keep your customers loyal? The only answer is to manage the data relating to them in such a way that it is tailored to their needs and likes and thereby vastly improving their customer experience.

And this is done with a Customer Relationship Management system, a process of collecting all the customer data in one software package that links every aspect of your contact with them. It centralises all information, safely, and efficiently stores it.

Staff productivity is greatly enhanced by the automatic alerts built into the system to follow up instructions, and it helps target profitable areas, the software can double your profitability in a very short time.

So much of our business life is now spent away from the office, but the system is available 24/7 wherever you are, using either a mobile app or by using cloud storage so that you can access all data and update in real time online.

Every aspect of your business is stored in one simple system, contracts, projects, services, and activity information. Shared diaries and schedules allow everyone in the company to see what is happening.

And this data storage is safe, it remains with the company long after the staff who in-putted it have left.

CRM does not just store the contact details, every time a client has any kind of interaction with your business, an enquiry, a complaint, an appointment, it is logged in your software. It becomes easy to trace the different methods of communicating, so no more asking the customer to repeat the query, it is there, on screen in black and white.

Gone are the days of having staff on hand to answer phone enquiries, more and more people are using email, or form filling on the company website. Social media such as Facebook or Twitter, or SMS are now being used far more frequently, so a method of collating them is essential. Personalised communications made with the background knowledge found in the CRM system are effective and easy.

And it can be tailored to your needs, modified to alter the software to match the exact needs of your business.

With CRM you have a massive quantity of data that can help you improve your service. By addressing your customers with a background knowledge that will impress them, and the ability to analyse and improve your customer service.

A positive customer interaction builds the business rapidly, because the most effective advertising is personal recommendation, so keep your customers loyal and happy, keep your name on their lips.

Published by

Bhavesh Ramburn

Commercial Manager - Quantity Surveyor with 10+ years in the construction industry.

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