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Our Services

Take a look at the services we provide at Icelabz to help you with your project.

Measured Building Survey Scan

Measured Building Survey

Do you require a highly accurate existing plans of your property?

We provide affordable, accurate existing plans of your property for planning and architectural purposes. These plans are essential for the start of your construction project and we make sure they are suitable and accurate for the rest of your project.

Our surveys are undertaken by experience land surveyors using a 3D scanner to get all the information we need for your project. 

We produce the following types of plans:

  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Roof Plans
  • Loft Plans
  • Ceiling Plans
  • Internal Elevation
  • Ceiling Plans

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Topographical Survey

Do you need existing land surveys for your property with detailed measurement? – essential for design and planning permits.

Our topographical survey mapping services provides you all the required features and levels for your property.

Aided by GPS/GNSS, the latest robotic and Reflectorless Total Station Instruments and 3D scanning, we can provide you precise, accurate and affordable topographical surveys.

All of our topographical plans are presented clearly with all the relevant information for your design and planning team.

With our software and tools, we can provide you various forms of data such as

  1. volumetric calculation,
  2. chainage lines,
  3. contours 3D point cloud and much more.