Comprehensive Guide to Alpine Surveys: Building and Property Survey Specialists

Alpine Surveys is a reputable company specialising in building and property surveys in Greater London and West Midlands, UK. Established with over 30 years of experience, the company offers a wide range of services for both domestic and commercial customers, including:

– Damp & Timber Surveys:

Alpine Surveys uses the latest survey technology, such as thermal imaging cameras, moisture mapping equipment with high-specification sensors, and hygrometers/psychrometers for accurate humidity measurements. They also carry unique cameras for visual inspections behind surfaces such as plasterboard or brickwork. This enables them to efficiently find the cause of water leaks into roofs or structures. Additionally, they provide expert thermal imaging surveys that detect heat leaks into buildings using infrared cameras. They can also conduct tests on salts present within masonry samples, indicating potential sources of dampness within buildings.

– Structural Surveys:

Alpine Surveys provides detailed structural surveys to identify potential issues with a property’s structure before purchasing it. This service includes evaluating all visible elements of the property’s construction and any accessible areas that may require further investigation.

– New Build Developments & Conversions:

Alpine Surveys offers comprehensive surveying services for new build developments and conversions between different properties.
– Properties with Utilities Nearby:

The company provides specialist surveying services for properties near utilities such as gas pipelines or electrical substations.

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