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Elevation Plans

Elevation Plans

On elevation plans, the position of the Windows, doors, any pipework, and vents are shown on the plans. The elevation plan would mostly include all the details of the property’s facade and the essential features of the neighbouring properties. For example on a terraced property is measured building survey, the details of the adjoining properties window heights details and ridge would be included in the elevation plan.

On listed buildings, the ornate features and other significant features of the building must be drawn and these can cost a lot more than a basic measure building survey. This is because the amount of detail required on those listed buildings as much higher for the planning application. A lot of care and attention must be given when undertaking the drawing.

Best option to proceed with these complex and detailed drawings would require a 3-D scan survey. This will allow the CAD technicians and surveyors to produce the detailed you require. These can take up to a week per elevation depending on a number of existing details.

But you shouldn’t be worried about this if you are undertaking a domestic building that is not listed because this would take around half a day to a day produce an elevation plan.

Usually required  for:

  1. Home extensions
  2. Loft Extensions
  3. Change of use
  4. Home remodelling

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