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Floor Plans

Floor plans

This page will explain what is included in a floor plan produced for a Measured Building Survey. It is part of our Measured Building Survey Guide for clients.

The floor plans of the property includes the general structure of the property. Anything permanent.

Such as:

  • doors,
  • beams,
  • columns,
  • kitchen tabletops,
  • stairs and
  • differences in levels.

However, smaller items such as

  • lights,
  • sockets,
  • radiators,
  • pipework
  • soft furniture
    • beds
    • tables
    • chairs
    • cupboards

and the such are not produced for a measured building survey by default. However, they can be included in the floor plans but they are not on the RICS standard.
These are not measured because they are not structural features required for planning and proposed plans.

On request, the floor plan can also include some of the external features such as your front and back garden of the property. You need to clarify this with your land surveyor and architect. It is best practice to separate the external of the property with the internal. You’ll need to get a full topographical survey of your land.

Note: In the topographical survey, the outline of the roof is shown rather than the outline of the building. This is because in a topographical survey the point of view of the survey is a bird’s eye view of the land. It is a slight difference, but it may be a great deal for your architect or planning permission to get the right information clearly.It is a common mistake and assumption that is made by architects and clients thinking that a Measured building survey would include external of the property as a standard. This can cause conflicts and delays to your project if this is, not communicated properly. However, land surveyors do cater to the need of your architect or other professionals who required the external of the property shown on the ground floor plans of your home.

Make sure your Land Surveyor is aware of your architect’s need before the survey is undertaken!

If you need the external features of the property shown on the grown floor make sure that it is clearly mentioned in the request for a quotation that you will need the external the property shown on the ground floor plan of your building.This will save you an additional cost and time in getting your plans in your hand, as the land surveyor may need to go back and survey the property. (depending on the method used to survey)

Usually required for:

  1. Home extensions
  2. Loft Extensions
  3. Change of use
  4. Home remodelling