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Following my previous blog post on the Client Care competency series ill be covering some of the subtopics of the client care out to help others on their journey on the RICS APC.

What are KPI and what are some examples of them?

KPIs are key performance indicators, It is used to measure the performance of aspects of your project or business. It can be project specific or business specific.

They can include health and safety KPI, commercial KPI (SALES), marketing KPI or operation KPI. I’ve posted another blog post here to cover KPI.

Some examples of project specific KPI can be found on this page.

What is a client brief?

A Client brief is a the scope provided or discussed with a potential client for your surveying business. It would include any parameters the surveyor should be working with, time expectations, and other expectations they may have.

It should have enough detail to establish a defined scope for the surveyor to prepare a solution using his service.

When should you decline an instruction of new work from a client?

I would not proceed with the an instruction on new work with a client if there are illegalities in the works itself, if there are conflict of interest, it is outside of my competency and if I am unable to resource the job.