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Internal Elevations

Internal Elevations

An internal elevation is similar to a section. However, all the internal walls of the property are surveyed and drawn. This is usually required when you’re working with heritage buildings or when you are undertaking detailed interior design.

This guide is part of our client’s guide to Measured Building Survey.

This is usually confused with a section plan, make sure your architect is clear on what he needs.

They usually include all the features on the wall; this includes lights sockets and switches. You may end up with many internal innovation plans on a simple property.

Will usually need to provide the surveyor with the number of walls that you required to survey so that the can give you an accurate price. You may not need all the walls of the property; you might need to discuss this with your interior designer or architect.

The internal elevation plans are usually required for:

  1. Listed building
  2. Interior designs

This plan is usually combined with:

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