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Section Plans

Section Plans

Sections are one of the difficult plans to produce for your Measured Building Survey, as it requires correct alignment of the section in the building which picks up the internal features across the floors. It usually includes everything that can be seen from the cut of your property.

The section plans help the architect understand the different levels, layout of the stairs, wall features, beams, columns and windows of your property.

To get a section you need to know where you want the section plans to be position and the direction of the section. Your architect can advise you on this.

Here is what a section looks like:

A typical section includes the

  • doors,
  • openings,
  • windows,
  • stairs,
  • levels,
  • balustrades, and
  • details of the fireplace.

Depending on the survey method, the surveyor may take an hour in addition to surveying the floor plans to make sure the section is done correctly. The alignment and direction of the section is crucial and must be confirmed before going on site.

A lot of the hard work can be reduced by using a 3-D scanner to undertake the bulk of the work. This can reduce errors on site as well as the time that is taken to survey.


The Section plans are usually required for:

  1. Home extensions
  2. Loft Extensions
  3. Change of use
  4. Home remodelling

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