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How to Mark Out and Measure on Google Maps

In this video we show you how to mark out and measure on Google Maps.

Here are some links which you will find useful when going through the video:

  • Online calculator from Hector to Square meter [link]
  • Google MyMaps [link]


Bhavesh Ramburn: [00:00:00] In this video, I’ll show you how to mark out on a Google map. This is a, a cool feature if you wanna find out the area of anything in Google Maps. So what you’ve gotta do is,

I search for Google My Maps, which is a complete different feature from Google Maps, which provides you the ability to add and create a new map to share.

As you can see, I’ve got a, map that is already built. So what I’m gonna do is create a new one for now.

I’m gonna change the name to waterloo station

and it’s as, as easy as finding anything as the. Google Maps. [00:01:00] So once I’ve got my allocation, you can now zoom in into the area that you want to look for. You can actually change the map. So I’ll go for satellite view and you can see the areas that you need and measure off. So what I’m gonna do is click on add line or shape, and roughly measure up the area.

 And this will give you the measurements in hectars.

So to get the measurements from Hector to square meters. All you gotta do is copy in the figure here. So is 0.181.

It will tell you, this is 1,800 square meter.

 [00:02:00] With this information, you can note.

And change the color of the selected area.

The other tool that you can use is just a basic measurement tool. So let’s say you want a measurement of just the road width, so it will tell you this is 14, press enter and it will remove its measurement right off the using. You can create multiple layers.

And that is it for this video on measurements on Google MyMaps.