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Loft Plan

Loft Plan (Attic Plan)

Loft plans are relatively hard to survey and drawn accurately. As there are many features such as the beams, trusts, bracings, insulation, pipework.

This guide is part of our client’s guide to Measured Building Survey.

The most difficult part is to undertake a survey, as most of the domestic properties are full of junk which doesn’t allow the surveyor to fully undertake a survey easily. This may lead to more time to survey and draw the areas that are inaccessible.

If you require a loft survey, it is best that you spend some time to clear up the loft so that the surveyor can easily access the area survey all features required for the loft plan. Most of our clients have engaged a handyman to clear up the loft and provide some access to it. You’ll have to do it anyway when you start the works to your loft.

The loft plan is usually required for:

  1. Loft extensions

It is usually combined with the following plans:

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