What is included in an Architect’s Quote?

This short entry will give you an idea of the breakdown of an Architect’s Quote and what they are going to deliver to you.

On the basic level, this is what you’d expect to get from an Architect.

Basic Quote and deliverable

  1. Existing Plans, Section Plans, and Elevation Drawings (You can find an estimate here)
  2. Proposed Plans / Building Regulation Drawings
  3. Block Plans (You can get a copy from buyaplan.co.uk from £9.00)
  4. Location Plans (Again you can get a copy from buyaplan.co.uk from £9.00)
  5. Planning fees (~£150/submission)

However, you need to consider other deliverables from other consultants for your project.

Additional Costs from the Architect

  1. Managing the Land surveyors for the Existing Plans and Elevation Drawings
  2. Preparation of Bills of Quantities – This is to help builders price the project (this can be done by a Quantity Surveyor too)
  3. Tender Management of the builders (this can also be done by a Quantity Surveyor – I would recommend using one for projects above £50k)
  4. Management of the construction project (this can fixed price or a % of the construction)

Additional costs and deliverables from other consultants:

  1. Structural Engineer for Building Regulation Drawings
  2. Rights of Light Surveyors
  3. Environmental and Safety Consultants