How to get Existing Plans of Your Property?

How to get Existing Plans of Your Property?

You might be planning on renovating your home or just building an extension at the back of your property.

However, you might be faced with submitting your planning application and building regulation documents.

The one place that many home owners are confused is…”Where can I get my home’s existing plans?

Unlike other countries where the original construction plans are passed to the next owner, UK home owners are with no option but to produce them.

But… don’t worry

Where can I produce existing plans of my property?

Fairly simply you need to hire a professional surveyor or an architect to produce them.


An architect can produce the basic plans of your property for your planning and building regulation. However, they are limited in producing the drawings to a certain amount of details.

Some councils can accept them, and you should not be worried.

However, stricter councils such as City of Westminster, Islington, Camden, etc… will require higher detailed existing plans.

Land Surveyors

Where there are strict local planning requirements where scaling and accurate details is a must you may need to hire a land surveyor to produce existing plans of your property.

They can produce the existing plans of your property within high accuracy, fast and approved for planning and building regulation.

They are cheaper and more economical than hiring an architect to produce your existing plans. The charge rate for an Architect is around £100-150/hour compared to £20-40/hour for a Land Surveyor.

Take a look at this article on ways of saving money on your measured surveys. The article describes a way to save cost when engaging an architect.


Types of existing plans you can get

You can read more about the types of existing plans here.



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