What is an Architectural Survey?

What is an Architectural Survey?

An Architectural Survey is a survey to capture the position and measurement of all structural and aesthetic feature of the property. It is also called a Measured Building Survey, or Measured Survey of Building.

There are different types of measured surveys; building, land and utilities.

The architectural survey focuses on the building’s features. They are usually represented on 2D drawings to allow your architect or other professionals to use it to produce proposed plans, reports, or calculations.

The architectural survey can include different types of plans. Here is a list of the plans that forms part of the survey:

  1. Floor plans
  2. Elevation plans
  3. Section plans
  4. Roof plans
  5. Ceiling plans
  6. Internal Elevation Plans

Take a look at this article for more information on what is included in a measured building survey.

The architectural survey can also include the external of the property. This is a Topographical Survey.

If you are confused about the terminology and what types of surveys there are read this guide on the different types of measured surveys.


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